Sure, you may be going to a church since you were a small kid. However now that you are an adult, the chances are that you might wonder why people really to go to a church? Indeed, Christians have several distinct answers and opinions to this question but attending church is not just about practicing your religion and letting others know your traditions and beliefs. There is more to it which you will be able to understand in this article. Below are the three vital things which you could attain when you decide to go to a church:

• Develop your spiritual strength:

Attending church will help you build your spiritual strength and have you going through the remaining days of the week and stay strong during hardships.


It is the place where you would generally hear the Word of God and meditate. Once you start taking it seriously and administer to your life, you will soon have a stronger faith in God.

This will further help you get spiritually fit. You should always keep in mind that it is not only about making your intellectual and physical aspects stronger but also about strengthening your spirituality.

• Feel the presence of God more fully:

When people attend the church, they get a chance to experience and feel God’s presence more fully. At the majority of the time during the week, people remain busy due to the hectic life they lead. They are either stuck with some office work, busy with their kids and household errands and other stuff. It is because of this that they are unable to pay attention to God’s small voice which is communicating with them. But when you start attending the church and meditate patiently and calmly, God will be able to talk more fully with you.

• Fellowship with the other Christians:

One of the most obvious reasons why you should go to a church is to be a fellowship with the other Christians. It is not possible to mature spiritually fully all by yourself. You need the help and support of other people to achieve high spiritual growth. To remind yourself about the significance of fellowship, you should try and see the cross.

This simply means that you should be at a vertical fellowship with God and a horizontal fellowship with other believers. Once you can work and love in unison with the others, it will help you stay humble and understand that it is only God who can cleanse you from your sins.

A true and real Christian does not just go to the church for any superficial reason. Going to the church will not just help you get stronger spiritually but also help attain the opportunity to get closer to God and have a fellowship with other believers. Hence, if you believe that attending the church is not a great idea or does not mean something significant then remember the things mentioned above. This way, you will have few reasons to consider for going to church.

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