It is indeed difficult to move from one city to another. One of the most difficult things about it is the actual leaving. When you move, you have to leave behind the people, places and the spiritual communities you know. As such, searching a new church in the new city which suits your requirements can be difficult. So then how should you go about in your quest to find the ideal church? Well, below are some factors which can make your hunt easy.

  • To start with, you need to understand what you love about the current church which you will be leaving behind soon after moving. The things you love there can help you find your next church. Of course, you will have a few things which you would probably not like even about the current church but you will know things. This happens with most people across the globe. However, it is important to concentrate on the good things and understand them as these will surely help you in your hunt.
  • Next, you need to pen down all those things which hold the highest value for you in a church. It could be anything like preaching, worship, kids program, technology, church planting or spiritual growth opportunities, etc. Each and every of these things can either make or break your decision. It is also significant to rank these things in order to know which thing is the most important for you.
  • Before getting into the God factor, which is like the most significant aspect of the entire hunt, you need to remember something that Christ said, i.e., he is searching for the worshippers who believe in worshiping in truth and spirit. As such, you need to ensure that the church teaches the truth about Christ.

It is extremely important that you are taught the truth. Truth will stand always and forever while other things come and go. Besides, you also need to ensure that the church you plan on attending worships in spirit. This implies that without the spirit of God, the Christian community and church life becomes dry and dead. Hence, you should always search for life in the spirit.

  • Going through several websites might get confusing and difficult. Instead, you can go through the contact information of all the local churches which are present in your new city.
  • The most significant thing in the entire search is to let God speak. All the points mentioned above are things which will lead to you talking to your friends or relatives for advice and opinions. Instead, you should ask- God, is this church the one you want me to become a part of? Then, just wait for an answer from him. You never know, God might even utilize the things mentioned above to provide you with the answer. At times, God has you in a place for some special reason. Just let God lead you in the right direction.

Hence, by considering these points, you should likely find the ideal church to attend in the new city.