With so many churches across the globe, it often becomes difficult to determine which church to go to on a daily basis. A good experience at one church might make your faith stronger and help you get close to God while a bad experience at another church may weaken your faith and push you away from God. It is because of this that it is important for you to first address the below-mentioned issues within yourself before you decide the church you should go to.

  • The reason for going to the church:

The major reason for going to church is to worship God along with the other Christians. As per the teachings of the Bible, human bodies are temples. This implies that the actual church of Christ is nothing else but the human body itself. In such a case, you are not attending the temple of God but bringing yours to others.

But here, it is important to have a clean physical and spiritual body in order to carry God’s pure spirit. If you successfully achieve this, then you would be able to carry the pure light of God in whichever church you attend. God is not simply a physical structure and resides within all living beings. It is due to this reason that no church in the world should hold the power to lessen or weaken your faith.

  • Different kind of church services:

There are several different kinds of services practices in each church. However, in every service, there’s a time for choir, music, prayer, preaching, testimonies, announcements, Bible reading/studies, and other things. Depending on the kind of service a particular church practices, you should pay attention to at least one of the category mentioned above.

You should look at the category which strikes a chord within you spiritually. The spirit of God is present within you can help you connect to the spirit of God present in the service present before you, be it sermon or music, etc. As such, a church which strikes a chord and offers a good spiritual structure and service will strengthen your faith even further.

  • Human factor:

One more significant element which you should remember before going to church is not every human present in there are equal. The priests are as human as you are. They also have good and bad days. Just like how the priest prays for the wellbeing of everyone, you should also play for the priest. You should pray that the priest remains prepared to receive everyone with a God’s message before you go to the church. This is also another major reason that no church in the world should lessen or weaken your faith.

  • The church rules:

Each church follows a different set of rules and guidelines. However, as explained above, you are the true temple of God, and so the only rules which should be given importance are commandments. The rules which are beyond the bible are all manmade and should not be considered a reason for not going to church.

Hence, once you examine all the issues mentioned above within yourself, then you will likely find a suitable church to attend.